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Avian Certification

Avian Certification

The Pet Advocacy Network, in working with leading veterinarians and animal experts, offers the pet industry's most comprehensive education and certification program to those who wish to become Certified Companion Animal Caretakers. This program is designed to increase the knowledge and expertise of pet industry personnel who handle companion animals.  

This program covers animal husbandry procedures specifically designed to meet the needs of animal care personnel in retail pet stores and other types of colony-housed animal facilities, including maintenance, care, breed/species identification, behavioral traits, nutrition and veterinary care.  

Successful completion of the Avian Modules and Exam leads to certification for that animal type. Your interest in being certified speaks highly of your desire to upgrade your knowledge and expertise as well as increasing the professionalism of your industry.  

Instructions for the Avian Study Module: 

  • Make sure that your packet contains the following. If you did not receive all items, please contact Pet Advocacy Network. 

o Workbook o Examination  

  • The avian program is divided into eleven (11) chapters. Chapter summaries and quizzes appear at the end of each key unit. The answer key for the chapter quizzes is at the end of the manual. The final examination will be included in your packet. 
  • Completed final examination should be returned to Pet Advocacy Network’s headquarters for grading. Pet Advocacy Network will contact you shortly after your exam is graded and will provide you with a certificate indicating that have attained Pet Advocacy Network certification. 
  • When completing the documentation, make sure you provide Pet Advocacy Network with complete contact information. 
  • Mail inquiries, completed exams and other materials to: Pet Advocacy Network 1615 Duke Street, Suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22314. 
  • Call Pet Advocacy Network’s Certification Department with any questions: 202-452-1525.

What Is Certification and How Can It Benefit You?  

  • Certification is beneficial to you because it demonstrates your desire to be better informed of the needs of the animals under your care. 
  • Certification clearly demonstrates to your employers as well as the public that you have worked to gain specialized knowledge that will be beneficial to the animals in your care, to your job performance and to your ability to educate your customers on how to better care for the pets. 
  • Certification prepares you to appropriately respond to pet owner inquiries.

Estimated time to complete certification 

It is divided into chapters, each of which is loaded with information and can be read in one sitting. On average, each chapter requires a few hours to complete. Some chapters contain more content than others, resulting in a total estimated time to complete the certification to be 33 hours. 

Non-Member Price: $95
Member Price: $75